Plug 'n Play Clocks


Pick your method. Plug in. You're ready to go!

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Track Employee Time From Any Connected Device

  Whether you're on-the-go or at the office, managers and business owners have on-demand access to all time card data 24/7 from anywhere.


Export to Payroll 1-2-3

Tired of hand-keying in employee hours from paper timesheets? Our time collection process makes processing payroll easier than ever. Simply download your employee hours & export to the payroll software of your choice.


Manage Paid Time Off Without Paperwork Hassles

  Forget about shuffling through paid time off (PTO) paperwork or hunting down employee requests & manager approvals. Our accrual tracking module integrates with online employee requests & manager approvals to make PTO administration simple & convenient. No more headaches with balancing sick, vacation and other paid time off!


Pinpoint Mobile Clock Entries with GPS Precision

For mobile workforces such as air conditioning, plumbing or electrical contractors, knowing both where & when your employees are moving between job sites is critical with creating a culture of accountability. Clocking in and out via our mobile application empowers managers to accurately record & track this geographical data with ease.